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Celebrating 2013
Holiday party completes a milestone year for Brentano

Brentano family

"Each Brentano employee is a piece of a larger puzzle," said the company's president E-Kwan Chen at the 2013 holiday party. This past year's accomplishments have brought that wider vision into view for the entire Brentano family. From opening a showroom in the Merchandise Mart to opening the company's doors for the third international sales meeting, Brentano had much to celebrate in 2013.

The Brentano reps and clients

"As often as we can, we open up the Design Studio to our clients so they can share in Iris' design process. This year, she met with even more clients in our showrooms across the country and in our new, flagship showroom in the Merchandise Mart. Our debut at NeoCon was a huge success, but then so was our first experience at the Decorex show in London and the sales meeting we held over the summer. We're always looking for ways bring our reps and clients together to exchange ideas — and for them to inspire us. Ultimately it's about solidifying Brentano's place in the market with colorful, practical fabrics designers can use." – Jeff Frank, Brentano National Sales Manager

Brentano Merchandise Mart

"Walking into Brentano's crisp white showroom at NeoCon was like finding jewelry in the snow. They added just the right amount of vibrant color to dazzle you. Add to that the presence of Brentano's chief designer Iris Wang and her counterpart Aaron Mensik, and you're hobnobbing in an intimate setting with the brilliant minds behind Brentano's growing line. We loved it!" – Marcy Russ, Blended Blue Owner

Brentano NeoCon

"What I took away from the sales meeting was a better sense Brentano's 'Big Picture'. I could see the direction that the company is headed from the new showroom at the Mart, the development of the upcoming collections and my conversations with Iris, E-Kwan and Jeff. I was able to share all of this information with my fellow staff members, and the experience has made us all more excited about Brentano."– Terry Mclaughlin, Donghia San Francisco

Brentano Collections

"All in all, Brentano's last collections were just really fun to show. They introduced a lot of color and patterns, especially geometrics like Vibe and Fanfare. Having outdoor patterns like Calypso and Hula is always a plus too. (I'm hoping Brentano will be coming out with more outdoor in the spring!) I've repped Brentano for many years, and the collections are just getting better and better."– Allison Miller, Donghia Los Angeles

Two months until the launch of the spring 2014 collection, Brentano took an afternoon to celebrate the successes of the last year. Following the much-anticipated annual ping pong tournament and creative contest, everyone gathered at a local restaurant (decorated, of course, with the centerpieces from the creative contest) for a huge family meal. After all, the thicker the pieces in the Brentano puzzle are, the better they stick together, E-Kwan explained. "We couldn't accomplish all of this without each other."

Brentano Employees

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