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2012 Brentano Holiday Party
The Brentano family celebrates the year’s end with a symphony of activities

Brentano family
One big, crazy family photo

The tempo at Brentano kicked up a notch at the end of the year. With less than two months until the launch of the spring collection—the Symphonic collection, whose patterns (like Coloratura, Gliss, Marimba, and Vibrato) visually echo the emotions evoked by music—and deadlines fast approaching, everyone gladly came together for a celebratory finale to 2012.

Eighties hits and the occasional holiday remix playing soft as a lullaby in the background, the festivities began with Brentano’s traditional potluck meal of dishes from an impressive medley of cultures. First with a bravo for the planning committee, Brentano’s maestro, Design Director Iris Wang, briefly recognized the successes of the past year and expressed her appreciation for the afternoon together. Then the true order of the day took hold: friendly, but fierce, competition.

While those with a more primal bent went to the gym for the much-anticipated ping pong tournament, judged this year by Brentano President E-Kwan Chen against the staccato beat of bouncing ping pong and basketballs, other employees gathered around the TV to try their hands at Wii. Although some threatened karaoke, the afternoon included more polka than bel canto. There was bingo too, and an explosion of paint and glitter called “ornament decorating”; the rhapsody inspired by Lan’s creation won her the prize (and her name on the annual creative contest plaque). As other activities wound down, and with much fanfare, Brentano cheered on Mr. Lee and Ming in the final ping pong match. Ming ultimately became the new champion.

With something for everyone, Brentano’s holiday party capped off the year with good cheer and rising anticipation for Symphonic in 2013.

The Brentano Holiday Feast
clockwise from top left:

  • More than enough food to go around!
  • Will this international spread inspire a Brentano cookbook?
  • Ming, with Alice, shows his creativity—and Brentano spirit
  • Homemade desserts, everyone’s favorite


Brentano Ornament Painting
clockwise from top left:

  • Lan anticipates victory in the ornament decorating contest.
  • And the winning ornament is … Lan’s.
  • Brentano Designer Aaron Mensik watches paint dry
  • Last year’s creative contest winner and this year’s judge, Joanna, weighs her choices

Brentano Ladies
clockwise from top left:

  • Some of the ladies of Brentano
  • Silvanna keeps a handful of the bingo M&M’s for herself
  • The holiday spirit was contagious this year.
  • Maria’s beautiful smile

The Brentano Ping Pong Contest
clockwise from top left:

  • Ming, the 2012 ping pong champion, poised to win the final match
  • The guys take advantage of the gym.
  • Mr. Lee battles his way to the finals in the ping pong tournament.
  • Ricky’s got game.

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