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Brentano Bombers (Might) Win!
Softball team brings together players from the Brentano extended family


After a hiatus the last two seasons, the Brentano Bombers came out swinging this spring. Enthusiasm for resurrecting the softball team—or, more accurately, the “smoosh” ball team—was company-wide. Everyone had a different goal, such as letting loose and having fun, working on a suntan and getting some exercise, but winning was never high on that list.

Asked whether the “Bombers” name was a reference to performance, Coach Ricky diplomatically responded, “We’ve been improving. At a snail’s pace, but at least our games are lasting more than a half an hour now.”

This isn’t blind encouragement. After losing 0-23 after only three innings in the first game, the defense came together to hold their opponents to fewer and few runs, extending the games to four innings (1-16), five innings (3-13), and eventually the full seven innings (3-5).

Without question, the team has had the most success in the team building department. Each game brings together a new, dynamic group from the Brentano family. Customer service, sales, marketing, operations, and the design studio and warehouse are all on the roster along with friends, siblings, spouses, and Brentano’s UPS delivery driver.

Going into this Friday’s game, the Bombers are 0-8 (including two forfeits and an unfortunate double header where they were short-handed). A good time is guaranteed; a win would just be icing on one of Lan’s rum cakes.

The Brentano Bombers, all smiles at the start of their challenging season.

Summer is so short in Chicago; the Brentano family takes every opportunity to get outside.

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