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2010 Holiday Party at Brentano
Holiday Party offers a break from the yearly grind.

Brentano family
2010 Brentano “Family Photo”

Brentano got into the holiday spirit early at our annual holiday party.

Brentano shut down its operations early so everyone could prepare for the big celebration! Everyone pitched in and made this the best party to date; the kitchen was packed full with helpers in aprons creating bruschetta, fennel salad, and exotic fruit trays while others were busy making sure the party area looked picture perfect complete with Brentano fabric table cloths and gorgeous lily flower arrangements. Once all the preparation had been completed we all enjoyed a family style feast and enjoyed each other’s company.

But the fun did not stop there! There were tons of activities to work off the fried chicken and cookies, including wii gaming, a ping pong tournament, cookie decorating, and "guess that Brentano employee baby picture" game. The ping pong tournament provided hours of intense matches, where in the end Michael Hsu was named the winner. The cookie design contest allowed everyone the chance to be a designer for a couple hours, but in the end Aaron Mensik used his years of design experience to his advantage and took home the prize.

During the celebration images were also unveiled for our upcoming spring collection, Essentials. Images were shown of the highly anticipated Essence, which is a replacement for Royal Coach. In addition to Essence, Meander, Silhouette, and Tenderness were also introduced as part of the Brentano Green Label as Iris continues to grow and expand Brentano’s offerings of sustainable, eco-friendly products.

The party was a perfect way to kick of the holiday season, and we are looking forward to a healthy and happy New Year!

The Holiday Feast
Iris & E-Kwan
Feasting staff
Iris and guests
The Brentano Holiday Feast
clockwise from top left :
  • Iris Wang, and her husband E-Kwan getting into the holiday spirit
  • Brentano staff enjoying the amazing food
  • The gorgeous spread of food, complete with Brentano fabric tablecloths
  • Iris entertains our graphic designer and web developer

The Ping Pong Tournament
Iris vs Alice
Michael the champion
Brentano Ping Pong Tournament
Brentano Ping Pong show-down
clockwise from top left :
  • Iris Wang pairing off with Alice Lee
  • Michael Hsu the victor of the whole series
  • Another grueling match
  • Our intense bracket system

The Wii Corner
Jeff and Aaron with the Wii
Lan and Aaron with the Wii
The Brentano Wii gamers
Leo the drummer
clockwise from top left :
  • Aaron Mensik teaching Jeff Frank, our national sales manager, how to play the Wii
  • Lan Chenh surprise everyone by beating Aaron in a speed skating race!
  • Leo Chen practices his drum skills while playing Rock Band
  • Lots of smiles and laughter watching the Wii gamers

The Cookie Decorating Contest
Brentano cookies in the making
cookie monster
Vald & Vicky, the cookie judges
holiday cookies by Brentano
clockwise from top left :
  • Everyone busy trying to come up with best design approach!
  • Aaron celebrates his victory
  • The amazing creations, defiantly provides a sugar rush just looking at them
  • Vlad and Ricky, decided to be the judges... could it have anything to do with the perks of eating all the cookies after?

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