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Brentano Softball Team Celebrates, Despite Less than Perfect Season


Brentano's coed summer softball team, the Brentano Bombers, will enter league playoffs with a 1-10 track record. When asked their favorite part of Brentano's 2009 softball season, some answered that it was their first and only win. Others felt it was the togetherness of the employees and the chance to hang out outside the office and talk about things other than fabric stock and new Brentano Green textiles, and also the opportunity to get to know each other outside of job titles.

While there may not have been many winning games to celebrate, the team made a point of applauding numerous other feats, such as catching a ball in outfield to keep the opposing team from scoring any more runs, or hitting the ball and allowing a teammate to score. Brentano Studio Assistant Lan Chenh characterizes the Bombers positive attitude: When asked about a recent game, Chenh said that the team lost, but went on to excitedly explain that she made it to second base, a personal best, which is sometimes even more satisfying than an actual win.

The Brentano Bombers demonstrate teamwork.

Brentano Design Director Iris Wang prepares her teammates for their first game.

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