FABRICS FAQ : textile testing methods

There are many testing methods in the United States. Interior design industry often use the Association of Contract Textiles (ACT) standards and testing methods as a guideline.

ACT Testing Standards

fabric flammability

Flame Resistance tests
Measure fabric's performance when it is exposed to specific sources of ignition.

fabric crocking

Crocking resistance tests
Measure the transfer of dye from the surface of a dyed or printed fabric onto another surface by rubbing under both wet and dry conditions.

fabric colorfastness

Ultra-violet light resistance tests
Measure a material's degree of resistance to the fading effect of light.

fabric physical durability

Physical properties tests
Measure fabric's resistance to pilling, seam slippage, and tearing.

contract textile abrasionheavy duty fabric abrasion

Abrasion tests
Measure the surface wear of a fabric caused by rubbing and contact with another fabric.

Outdoor Textile Testing Methods

ACT does not have testing standards for outdoor textile. However, there are many testing methods available in the United States to ensure the quality of outdoor textiles...  more »