FABRICS FAQ : eco-fabrics with eco wool

Wool is a rapidly renewable resource and is 100% biodegradable. It has a high capacity to absorb VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as formaldehyde. At least a portion, if not all, of the wool used for Brentano textiles Eco Flannel, Eco Satin, Eco Stripe and Laurel is eco-friendly wool from New Zealand that uses minimal pesticides compared with traditional wool. Additionally, a biodegradable detergent is used to clean the wool, and in spinning, natural oils are used instead of mineral oils. The eco wool is Environmental Choice New Zealand certified, which evaluates wool processes such as scouring, spinning, dyeing, and finishing, as well as fiber, yarn, pesticide usage, dyes, and water and waste management. The mill that manufactures Eco Flannel, Eco Satin and Eco Stripe is also ranked Enviro-Mark Silver and is working to achieving a higher certification.

"Eco wool" is a descriptive phrase not associated with any brand name. Brentano does not claim any trademark rights to the term.

7107 Eco Flannel

01 Swan
Red Fox
7100 Eco Satin

02 Bellflower

The New Zealand Mill that produces Brentano's Eco Flannel, Eco Satin and Eco Stripe textiles has achieved a silver Enviro-Mark rating. Enviro-Mark is a set of standards designed to help businesses enhance their environmental performance. This mill maintains Enviro-Mark standards and continues demonstrating their commitment to improve the environment. Eighty percent of electrical energy used throughout the mill comes from renewable resources (hydro and wind power), energy usage is reduced through use of high speed energy-efficient looms and seventy-percent of all used cardboard packing is recycled.

Brentano's Eco Wool textiles Eco Flannel, Eco Satin and Eco Stripe comply with the Environmental Choice New Zealand program, which is a regional program for environmental labeling that began in 1992. Environmental Choice New Zealand publishes product specifications about design, production, marketing and use of products to be more environmentally friendly, and also provides market incentives to offer environmentally preferable products and services. It is an eco-labeling system that seeks to provide a clear and independent guide to help consumers identify eco-friendly products and services. For more information, please visit www.enviro-choice.org.nz